jeudi 15 novembre 2007

The Will, TV Journal Assignment #4

My name is Nathaniel Fisher (Nate). Unfortunately, I have no interest in the family business. I own half of it. But I had so much chagrin for my brother David, because he devoted his life to this family business. Presently, I am in love with Brenda. Yesterday, I was surprised to find my name tattooed on Brenda's backside. So, she loves me. My sister Claire found that she is financially not concerned by her father's last wishes. Moreover, David was not correct with our mother, Ruth. I tried to speak with him, but he did not listen to me. Finally, I began to work with my brother.

jeudi 4 octobre 2007

Pilot, Assignment #2

This week, I watched the episode named «Pilot». It began when the owner of the Fisher & Sons Funeral Home was killed. A bus hit his new funeral car. The result of this accident was the homecoming of Nate. He stayed to live with his mother Ruth, a woman who was in mourning for her husband during the Christmas time. Nate was living with his homosexual brother David and his younger sister Claire. She was smoking crystal meth (methamphetamine) when the accident happened. Fortunately, before Nate’s homecoming, he met Brenda. This woman was helping him to support Fisher’s family.

jeudi 13 septembre 2007

TV Journal Assignment #1

Six Feet Under is an American TV Program. The genre is comedy-drama. This TV Program was created by Alan Ball in 2001. I chose Six Feet Under because the story is very interesting and original. It’s not ordinary like the other TV Programs. The running time of one episode is approximately 60 minutes so it has many actions and I’m not bored. The story takes place in Los Angeles in a family funeral home named Fisher & Sons Funeral Home. The major conflict in this story is only one: Mr. Fisher dies in an accident with his funeral car and after this event, the Fisher family has many problems to manage the family funeral business. To surmount their problems they meet them together to continue the family business. Nathaniel Fisher (Nate) comes to Seattle and becomes a partner with his little brother David. Nate is not a perfect son, he was never present at home. David is different, he always helped his father at the family business. Finally, I hope to learn to laugh at black humour because in this TV Program we find black humour throughout.